Dino quiet book

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CROCHET PATTERN Dinosaurs Quiet Book (PDF), NOT the finished toy.

Languages: English (US terminology), Russian

Crochet skill level: Intermediate (3/4)

The finished Crochet Quiet Book is approximately 16 х 16 х 7 cm.

for pages with hook 3 mm: 10х10 cm = 26 stitches x 30 rows
with hook 2 mm in spiral rounds: 10х10 cm = 34 stitches x 34 rounds
* In this project, the gauge is not important, I indicate my gauge only for an example. If your gauge is different, then the book will turn out bigger or smaller than mine.

According to the pattern, you can crochet an educational soft quiet book of 8 pages (including the covers). The book contains the following pages: on the cover – a crocheted triceratops, a spread with a stegosaurus (using the intarsia technique), on the next spread – a brachiosaurus in a pop-up style (the head rises automatically) and a baby dinosaur in an egg, on the last spread – a volcano with retractable ash and a t-rex, a fern branch can be placed on the back cover.

Materials and tools for crocheting

  • 4-ply sport weight yarn * (amounts are approximate**), 1 skein = 50 grams:
    ○ beige – 3 skeins
    ○ green – 1.5 skeins (you may need 2)
    ○ light brown – 3/5 skein
    ○ coffee – 1/4 skein
    ○ orange – 2/5 skein
    ○ gray – 1/10 skein
    ○ dark green – 1/10 skein
    ○ for decorating a little light blue and mustard yarn

*I used YarnArt Jeans (55% cotton + 45% Acrylic), 174 yards (160m), 1.76 ounces (50 g): Colors: beige 05, green 69, light brown 87, coffee 71, orange 23, gray 46, dark green 82, light blue 75 (optional), mustard 84 (optional).
**Yarn consumption can increase up to 1.5 times when crocheting with yarn over (YO) way. And the finished book will have a bigger size.
The weight of the finished book is 260-270 grams.

  • Needle for sewing on details, scissors, thin needle for eyes embroidery, sewing pins, stitch markers (optional).
  • Some black and pink (optional) thread for embroidery (I used YarnArt Jeans yarn, dividing it into 4 threads).
  • Hook size 2 and 3 mm.
  • Optional: baking sleeve for rustling effect (as a rustling element).
  • Optional: sewing magnets with the PVC cover (4 pieces), diameter from 1.5 cm.
  • Note: magnets of a smaller diameter weakly magnetized through two layers of crocheted fabric. You can take one magnet with a diameter of 1 cm (for paws), and
    another with a diameter of 1.7 cm, then it will also work well. If you don’t use magnets, then the paws need to steam well.
  • Squeakers (optional), for the dinosaur on the cover, it is recommended to use flat squeakers, for example 53 mm x 10 mm.
  • Rattle (optional) for the dinosaur in the egg (22 mm x 10 mm).

Pattern details: PDF file of 62 pages with detailed instructions, over 200 photos, and more than 30 short supporting videos. ⠀

Basic crochet skills required: magic ring, chain, slip stitch, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, increase, decrease, intarsia method, back and front loops only, crocheting in spiral rounds, crocheting in turning rows.

Gallery of finished toys: by the tag on Instagram #dinobookzenknit


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