Amelia on 03/20/2022

The pattern was really great to follow and the addition of the photos made it easy to understand what my pieces should look like ! I added a rattle piece into the top level and it’s so darn cute !

daniela on 03/20/2022

Alexandra Ciomirdac on 03/19/2022

Martina on 03/18/2022

Nice pattern, easy to follow. Thank you

Laura on 03/18/2022

lisab89 on 03/16/2022

Such a great pattern! It had videos to follow along with the entire thing, would definitely recommend for any skill level.

Kendra on 03/16/2022

I really enjoyed this pattern, plenty of pictures, and appreciated having both the charts and written descriptions available. I hope to make more!

Ania on 03/15/2022

Polecam. Wzór warty zakupu. Nie jest trudny

littlekiwi2 on 03/14/2022

Wow I absolutely love these patterns. I haven't madecthem yet but I have printed off and looked through. They are well written and visual as well. I really look forward to making. what a talented designer.

LaHa on 03/13/2022

Great! Thank you so much!

Monika on 03/13/2022

Tolle Anleitung!!

Neus on 03/12/2022

El patrón es muy completo y parece muy fácil de seguir. No lo he hecho aún pero estoy deseando empezar a tejerlo.

Kimberly on 03/12/2022

Padrão muito fácil de seguir e o resultado conforme o esperado. Amei demais!!!

Emily on 03/11/2022

papirepantoute on 03/11/2022

C'est parfait, c'est ce que je voulais.

Lorena on 03/11/2022

Excelente patrón. Lleva mucho trabajo pero vale la pena, el resultado es soñado

Sherri on 03/10/2022

Detailed patterns with lots of pictures! Can’t wait to dive in

cait on 03/08/2022

Pattern was easy to follow with clear instructions, photos and videos for the trickier sections. Such a cute design. Absolutely love it!

Rebecca on 03/08/2022

Adorable pattern!! Easy to follow with lots of pictures and details. Make sure you use the right hook size or your book will end up bigger than expected!

Elena Guitron on 03/07/2022

muy original el modelo Muy buenas las indicaciones Muy fácil de seguirlas, me encanto el modelo

kalynskozys on 03/07/2022

Beverley on 03/06/2022

Hi I just purchased the polar bear quiet book and I read that many of you recently made it. I was wondering if the yarn recommendations were correct or did you have to purchase more? I have to have the yarn shipped to me and don't want to have to wait a long time if I need more and then not get the same dye lot. From the pattern this is the quantity I understood light blue 3 balls, white 2 balls, denim 1 ball, blue 1 ball, gray 1 ball, yellow 1 ball, light brown 1 ball, black 1 ball. Does this sound right? I would really appreciate hearing from anyone. Thank you.

Michaela on 03/06/2022

The pattern was easy to follow and this came together beautifully! It’s soooo cute!

Malu on 03/06/2022

Receita muito bem explicada, a vendedora também atenciosa e prestativa.

Elisabeth on 03/06/2022

ist einfach nachzuarbeiten, macht viel Freude

Yensy Ivonne Rougeron on 03/05/2022

excelente trabajo, me gustan todas sus creaciones

Yensy Ivonne Rougeron on 03/05/2022

El trabajo que hace es espectacular

tricotdelphine on 03/05/2022

J'ai adoré le faire, le rendu est superbe

Lou on 03/05/2022

This looks like a lot of fun!

Victoria on 03/04/2022

The CUTEST pattern ever! It's easy to follow, and I was able to add some sensory items that made it extra fun. I can't wait to ship this out!

Lien on 03/03/2022

MILENA on 03/01/2022

paillerlu1 on 03/01/2022

Le tuto est très bien fait et pas cher pour tout le travail qu'il représente! Plus facile à réaliser qu'il n'y paraît et résultat très beau!

Malene on 02/28/2022

First time doing a big crochet project and in english. Pattern was easy to follow and the result became very nice! So satisfied!

Sarah on 02/27/2022

Wonderful pattern, perfect delivery - thank you!

kelly on 02/26/2022

Brought several patterns from this seller, the results are stunning. Gorgeous unique crochet toys that you can make yourself-just beautiful x

Delphine on 02/26/2022

Amazing pattern, easy to follow

akacarebear on 02/25/2022

akacarebear on 02/25/2022

Meghan on 02/24/2022

Ania on 02/23/2022

Ten robot jest wspaniały. Filmiki super

Julie on 02/23/2022

I now have six of these patterns they are all fantastic. Instructions easy to follow with great video links. Just love them.

Kayde on 02/22/2022

Kayde on 02/22/2022

Aulia on 02/21/2022

Ich habe gerade mit der Anleitung angefangen. Bisher eine gute Anleitung, sehr hilfreich sind die Videos für tips und tricks!

Angela on 02/20/2022

Eine sehr schöne und genaue Anleitung 👍😊

Marina on 02/19/2022

Christine on 02/19/2022

isadubois1 on 02/17/2022

Très bien expliqué et avec les liens pour les vidéos sur YouTube c’est génial.

Rebecca on 02/15/2022

Love this designers work! Learn so much from her patterns!

Monika on 02/15/2022

Die Anleitung entspricht genau meiner Erwartung. Sehr schön.

PomerleauV on 02/14/2022

Love it! Patterns very easy to follow!

Judith on 02/14/2022

Very clear and beautiful pattern! I had a lot of fun making it. Only the vertical stripes I had to restart a few times, in the end I improvised a bit and think it is not completely what it should be yet. But beautiful nevertheless!

LBKREATIV on 02/13/2022

Super tolles Buch mit guter Anleitung

Steph on 02/12/2022

Instructions were very clearly written, with lots of pictures and video tutorials for reference! My polar book turned out so cute!

Ramona on 02/12/2022

Die Anleitung ist super geschrieben. Die vielen Videos helfen sehr, wenn es mal ein wenig komplizierter wird. Die ersten Seiten habe ich bereits fertig gehäkelt. Ich freue mich schon auf das Endergebnis!

Nicole on 02/11/2022

Sylvie on 02/10/2022

Très joli petit livre pour les tout-petits

Ariga on 02/08/2022

Ariga on 02/08/2022

Mette on 02/07/2022

Really nice guide with great photos etc.

Lea on 02/04/2022

This is amazing. I fall in love.

Josefine on 02/04/2022

It was very easy to follow

Daniela on 02/03/2022

Kim on 02/02/2022

LOVE these patterns and the products! Very detailed patterns that are easy to follow. You won’t regret these patterns

Eva on 01/30/2022

Susan on 01/29/2022

Love this pattern, it is so thorough and detailed! And when I had a question the seller was quick to respond! I would highly recommend and plan to buy more patterns here.

Eli Angarita on 01/29/2022

Cecile on 01/29/2022

SarahFengler on 01/26/2022

Josefine on 01/25/2022

Super easy to follow and looks great

Leon on 01/24/2022

A beautiful pattern, thank you, k

COLLEEN on 01/23/2022

I seem to have ordered this pattern twice so I just sent the link to a friend who crochets. Just so you know I’m not stealing from you! Lol.

Morgane on 01/22/2022

Cathleen on 01/21/2022

Asal on 01/19/2022

It was great. The description was complete. wish you luck.

Cecilia on 01/15/2022

Excellent pattern, easy to follow. It came out exactly. I recommend it. Very happy with the results.

Susan on 01/15/2022

great pattern just love the video's that help and provide very useful info on making this gorgeous little book

Carsyn on 01/14/2022

Absolutely adorable pattern and easy to follow instructions!

Stephanie on 01/13/2022

Almost done making the book…Directions are clear and I like the videos that are imbedded if I have questions!

Dominique on 01/13/2022

le patron est fidel a la photo

Petra on 01/12/2022

Annalena on 01/12/2022

really good pattern, everything super explained, lots of additional photos

Abigail on 01/12/2022

Lovely pattern as always! I look forwards to buying more patterns from this designer!

Abigail on 01/12/2022

Always great patterns from zenknit! Very detailed with lots of photos to help!

Abigail on 01/12/2022

Such a good pattern, very cute design and well written!

Karolina on 01/11/2022

Julie on 01/10/2022

Great pattern, well written and easy to follow

Petra on 01/09/2022

Hana on 01/08/2022

The patterns are well written with a lot of pictures and videos. There are lots of interesting uncommon ideas. I still made the dragon (it turned out nicely, exactly as on the picture) and the safari cube. There I had problem to reach the correct shape with fibrefill stuffing - I solved it with a prefabricated soft foam cube.

Monika on 01/07/2022

j‘ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à réaliser ce dino🥰. Les explications super👍🏻

marie-claire on 01/07/2022

Vraiment super tuto !! Même s il n est pas en français il y a les qrcodes pour voir les vidéos très bien faites

Salma on 01/06/2022

Emily on 01/06/2022

Tanya on 01/06/2022

O artigo nunca chegou ao destino...

Tanya on 01/06/2022

O artigo nunca chegou ao destino...

Elizabeth on 01/06/2022

Zita on 01/05/2022

Great and easy to follow pattern with lots of photo, and the finished cube...amazing🤗

Andreane on 01/05/2022

Génial à réaliser et vraiment cute!

Chris on 01/03/2022

Nadine on 01/03/2022

Lucy on 01/02/2022

Really easy pattern to follow, works perfectly. Highly recommend!

Zoe on 01/02/2022

Loved this pattern. Easy to follow and looks great.

Nicole on 01/02/2022

Ayline on 01/02/2022

Jennifer on 12/31/2021

Kyky on 12/31/2021

Amy on 12/31/2021

Beautiful and simple to follow pattern

Luiza on 12/31/2021

Great pattern. As a relative begginner I found it very easy to follow. The videos were of great help. The only thing I would improve is to make a short printable version of the pattern (without pictures, only the written instructions), that would be a plus.

Noémie on 12/30/2021

Noémie on 12/30/2021

Lovisa on 12/30/2021

I love these little guys!! The pattern is clear and easy to follow and I just adore how you can make personal alterations just like "real" gingerbread

lauradianne on 12/29/2021

Pattern looks good, looking forward to making it!

Morgan on 12/28/2021

This is a really easy pattern to follow, if a bit long and complicated with all the separate pieces and the amount of sewing required. I would say crochet skills needed for this project are beginner (except for the front post single crochet ring, which you could substitute for a plain ring or another bobble ring if you couldn’t figure it out) but the sewing, embroidering, and general alignment of the pieces was a bit more complicated. Overall I’m super satisfied with the result and it looks just like the picture!

Ľubomíra on 12/28/2021

Ľubomíra on 12/28/2021

Ľubomíra on 12/28/2021

Adriana on 12/28/2021

Non è semplice come credevo, un lavoro macchinoso e lungo che a mio avviso non vale la pena fare, ma è un parere molto soggettivo. Me lo aspettavo più semplice da fare e le istruzioni potevano essere un po’ più chiare.

Kristin on 12/27/2021

One Word: Beautiful!!! Everything is explained very well and it's great fun.

Norma on 12/27/2021

Really cute, already made. Just waiting for that special little person to gift.

Alexandra on 12/25/2021

Julia on 12/25/2021

Kimberley on 12/22/2021

Easy to follow Great pattern. Thank you

Daniela on 12/21/2021

super Anleitung. Kam sehr gut an.

Josh on 12/21/2021

Fab pattern can't wait to get started

Kimberli on 12/21/2021

Sólrún Alda on 12/20/2021

Anna on 12/20/2021

Laur on 12/19/2021

Ivana Nováková on 12/19/2021

Návod splnil mé očekávání, kvalitně zpracován

Julie on 12/18/2021

What a wonderful manual. Everything is well described and the videos are super helpful in between. Thank you.

kinganne22 on 12/16/2021

MARIA on 12/16/2021

Me encanta, no lo he hecho aún, es ideal

COLLEEN on 12/15/2021

Adorable. Easy to follow instructions ! Pictures and videos! Perfect. Great quality. Good service. Got what I was expecting. Met my expectations.

Jean on 12/14/2021

upset that there isn't a direct link to the yarn needed for this pattern

leanneliew on 12/11/2021

eugenia on 12/11/2021

Me encanto esta muy padre para los niños

Ivana on 12/11/2021

Really great pattern. Easy to go and lots of videos. Thank you for your work ❤️

Zahra on 12/10/2021

clear pattern, i like them

Rachael on 12/10/2021

Isabelle Sheehan on 12/10/2021

Magnifique!!! Très bien expliqué, je le referai

RaQuiArri on 12/09/2021

Great pattern. Very easy to follow and has pictures.

Pinguin Sternchen on 12/07/2021

Ich habe noch nie nach so einer detaillierten Anleitung gehäkelt. Die einzelnen Schritte sind richtig gut beschrieben und sogar mit kurzen Videoclips erklärt. So macht häkeln einfach richtig Spaß und das Endergebnis lässt sich auch zeigen.

Katarzyna on 12/07/2021

jchembrow on 12/05/2021

great pattern with easy to follow instructions

Silje on 12/05/2021

Svenja on 12/05/2021

Belinda on 12/05/2021

Really easy to follow pattern with great photos and accompanying videos. Such a cute Christmas decoration for 2021!

Ana on 12/04/2021

Well written and very cute pattern! Perfect toy for my nephew!

Zoe on 12/04/2021

A really well written and fun pattern. Enjoyed making this. Really helpful videos make it a really easy pattern.

Beth on 12/04/2021

cutest patterns, I'm very impressed. glad I accidently run across

Lola on 12/04/2021

Super tuto , très bien expliqué. Belle réalisation

Kimia on 12/03/2021

Hebe on 12/03/2021

Nan's on 12/02/2021

Heidi on 12/02/2021

Anja on 12/02/2021

super schnell war der link bereit zum laden. sehr toll

Alexis on 12/01/2021

This pattern is written beautifully. The instructions are very clear. I have made two of the gingerbread girls. Have yet to make the other two. I did make them without the mask. Love love love the finished item. Great pattern. Would recommend.

Bénédicte on 12/01/2021

j'adore le modèle. j'en ai fais plusieurs. me suis même amusée a croquer des jambes ou bras pour en avoir des différents...

Jasmin on 11/30/2021

estheranstett on 11/28/2021

Superbe produit ! Le patron est super simple à suivre entre les explications et les vidéos. Il est nécessaire d'avoir de bonnes bases au crochet pour pouvoir réaliser le projet mais il est très satisfaisant de voir chaque élément se construire petit à petit ! Merci pour ce beau produit !

Kaytlyn on 11/27/2021

Danielle on 11/27/2021

Ana Maria Martinez on 11/26/2021

Me encantó,feliz de la compra,tengo alguna duda de realización en el patrón,le mandare a la diseñadora,pero muy bueno todo

brenda on 11/26/2021

Easy to understand. Thank you

Munay on 11/26/2021

Artículo genial, muy bien explicado! Acompañado de muchas imágenes y videos para las partes más complicadas. Me encantó y el acabado final es precioso 😍

Diana on 11/23/2021

Maria on 11/22/2021

Nadea on 11/22/2021

Hannah on 11/22/2021

Diana on 11/21/2021

Diana on 11/21/2021

Shirl on 11/17/2021

The pattern was easy and worked up quickly. He is such a cutey. Very good pattern.

Caroline on 11/16/2021

Trang on 11/16/2021

This pattern so cute. I like it

Cristina Alvarez on 11/14/2021

Súper bonito! Muy bien explicado!!

Cristina Alvarez on 11/14/2021

Son preciosos para los peques… y no tan peques! 😛

Abigail on 11/14/2021

Amazing pattern as always. Very detailed with lots of photos to help. This is a good challenge for my skills and I am really enjoying making the cute shapes. I can’t wait to start the my next Zenknit pattern!!

Mietze on 11/13/2021

Denise on 11/10/2021

Padrão fácil de seguir e os vídeos ajudam muito!! Parabéns e obrigado a designer.

Pernilla on 11/08/2021

Easy to follow and fun to make

Jennifer on 11/07/2021

Zoe on 11/02/2021

Amie on 10/31/2021

Very well written pattern. Video instructions included for the tricky parts, which was appreciated! Very pleased with this purchase.

Aey on 10/30/2021

I really enjoyed making this toy as a gift to my friend's baby boy. I have chosen the different colors and I think it turned out very cute too.

poohbear24251 on 10/29/2021

I thought these were cute, & I can't wait to make them

Inactive Etsy Member on 10/28/2021

Muito boa receita, bem explicada, adorei!

Valérie on 10/26/2021

Tout est parfait je recommande

KAYLENE on 10/22/2021

Great pattern for wonderful toy

Jessica on 10/21/2021

Mal eine schöne Geschenk Idee! Super tolle Anleitung !

Sophie on 10/12/2021

Very well written pattern, with helpful videos available throughout. My elephant toy is shaping up as seen in the photos provided on the Etsy listing. I would buy from this seller again 😀

ANGELA on 10/09/2021

Sim correspondeu minhas expectativas. Obrigada

KAYLENE on 10/08/2021

Easy to follow pattern, for great toy. You need a few extra peices to make it though

Sólrún Alda on 10/08/2021

royalpanda on 10/02/2021

Great directions. Wonderful finished product for a gift!

Victoria on 09/30/2021

Very clear pattern that is easy to follow, would reccomend! 🙂

Gyongyosi on 09/28/2021

Gyongyosi on 09/28/2021

Melita on 09/28/2021

Rainbow on 09/28/2021

Jackie on 09/27/2021

Love this pattern

LARONZE on 09/27/2021

Très beau modèle. Facile à suivre avec des vidéos en supplément. Au top !!!!

Natalia on 09/20/2021

perfecta, me encantó el diseño

Denitsa on 09/20/2021

It's amazing! I love the end result. Instructions are very easy to follow. Just the hair was a little bit difficult to put in its place, was worth it - well done pattern.

SmellyCatDesigns on 09/16/2021

Excellent, easy to follow pattern.

Irati on 09/13/2021

Muy fácil de entender, lo malo es que no está en castellano, menos mal que por aquí dominamos el portugués.

Sabina on 09/06/2021

The pattern was amazing. The best instruktions for a pattern yet. It had easy understandable language and on top of that there was instruktion videos for the harder parts so you could not make a mistake even if you wanted too. Really recommend this pattern. And my elephant turned out so great!

Amy on 09/06/2021

This is a well written pattern. I was tickled to gift this to my nephew. I made it with #4 yarn and it came out to 15” tall. This and my nephew were about the same size when they were on the floor. It was adorable. Definitely making another!

Galit on 09/05/2021

Hermoso patrón, muy bien explicado

Abigail on 09/05/2021

Fantastic pattern, so happy with how it turned out! Very detailed instructions and a lovely touch having links to videos, can’t wait to get started on my next pattern from this designer!

angelathreekiddos78 on 09/04/2021

Can’t wait to get started!

R on 09/04/2021

Sorria on 08/31/2021

Great pattern, easy to follow. I enjoyed making it

Katie on 08/29/2021

Melody on 08/27/2021

Easy to follow. Loved the video links.

Alana on 08/26/2021

Lovely pattern, very easy to do with some experience, thank you ❤️

Gyongyosi on 08/25/2021

Cristina Alvarez on 08/25/2021

Súper bonito y muy bien explicado con vídeos de aclaracion

paola on 08/25/2021

Adorable stacker for children to enjoy. thankyou for sharing 🙂

paola on 08/25/2021

Adorable stacker that makes the best toy for children. thankyou for sharing 🙂

Sylvie on 08/22/2021

j'ai adoré faire ce joli éléphant et le rendu est super Les explications sont très précises

yasuyo on 08/18/2021

It is a nice design. I'm looking forward to making it.

Kyla on 08/14/2021

the only reason I give it 4 instead of 5 is because the circles are out of order in the pattern so if you're doing different colors in a specific order you have to pay a lot of attention which is which, but great pattern and the steps are easy to follow otherwise! so cute!!!

Carole on 08/12/2021

Easy pattern. Helpful videos. Lovely toy.

Elisa on 08/11/2021

Super modèle, facile à comprendre et à réaliser. le rendu est vraiment sympa je trouve !!! ♥️🐉

Maria on 08/09/2021

Sarah-Anne on 08/08/2021

Really fun pattern, super easy to follow. It was only my third amigurumi project ever and I didn't have any problems!

Gabriela on 08/08/2021

Absolutely gorgeous pattern! Very easy to follow and fun to make! I enjoyed every step of it. The videos help a lot as well with the tricky parts 🙂

Daniela on 08/08/2021

Muito bem explicado, com várias fotos do passo a passo.

Eule on 08/05/2021

Tolle gut zu verstehende Anleitung mit Bildern.

SmellyCatDesigns on 08/03/2021

SmellyCatDesigns on 08/02/2021

ChantalGalaxy on 07/26/2021

korri on 07/24/2021

really lovely pattern. going to enjoy making it

Taryn on 07/23/2021

This pattern is easy to follow and the video tutorials were very helpful!

Kyla on 07/23/2021

I couldn't figure out the top ring that uses fpsc, but I was able to use the bobble stitches from the lower ring and it still came out so cute!!

Lara on 07/21/2021

Victoria on 07/18/2021

Kay on 07/16/2021

Beautiful toy, I am in love ❤️

Sólrún Alda on 07/16/2021

Jillian on 07/07/2021

Pattern is easy to follow and honestly quite fun to make! There are lots of pictures to help along the way.

秀惠 on 07/05/2021

mamagshouse on 06/30/2021

Easy to read and follow

mamagshouse on 06/30/2021

Great and easy to read

Laura on 06/30/2021

Anne on 06/29/2021

Anne on 06/29/2021

Jana on 06/28/2021

Beautiful, came out great! Pattern was easy to follow, loved the demo videos.

Zuzana on 06/27/2021

Very detailed and easy to understand! And I loved the links to the sewing videos, very helpful! Super happy with the result.

Sylwia on 06/25/2021

Super kostka. Wzór czytelny, świetnie się robi.

Kay on 06/24/2021

Beautiful pattern, a bit tricky at the stuffing part though 🤣

Anmy on 06/18/2021

lsrmerriam on 06/16/2021

For the most part this pattern was easy to follow and I'm very happy with the results. I'm not sure what I did wrong on the 4th ring (the front post stitches) but for some reason mine made slanted lines instead of vertical. I also don't know what went wrong with the wings, but my green "spines" for the wings were significantly longer than the membranes on both wings despite following the pattern, and I didn't have time to redo them.

Birgitta Erixon on 06/07/2021

Emily on 06/02/2021

Very fun and well-written pattern! The instructions were clear, and the pictures were very helpful

Mary on 06/02/2021

Received quickly, expectations met, very satisfied

Molly on 05/29/2021

Really easy to understand and the linked videos are so helpful!

carolina on 05/28/2021

Barbara on 05/23/2021

melissalagger on 05/19/2021

Amazing pattern!! Very easy to follow 😍

Saskia on 05/18/2021

Super cute pattern, well written, but the help from the videos was necessary for me with the last ring (with the stripes). Made a few minor adjustments to suit my needs (attached the head to the last ring stitched in the cone instead of sewing). But turned out gorgeous and I'm sure will be loved!

Anne-Sophie on 05/12/2021

Tuto très clair et pour un rendu magnifique.

VALQUIRIA on 05/08/2021

Padrão perfeitamente explicado. Super detalhado. O resultado final é fantástico ☺️

Natalie on 05/07/2021

Beautiful patterns, clearly written and easy to follow. This is my second purchase - I love this lady's designs!!

Joanie on 05/04/2021

Facile à suivre, vraiment excellent!

Abi on 05/02/2021

I am in love with this dragon! Gorgeous design, super cute little face. The only issues I had were on the ring with the front post stitches, I really couldn’t work out the front post increase, so ended up increasing between posts instead and it worked just fine. Can’t wait to make another!

irene on 04/29/2021

Me gusta mucho, lo único que es el segundo patrón que le pongo la traducción en Español y me sale en Inglés. Gracias.

Marjorie on 04/26/2021

gourleycassie on 04/26/2021

Erin on 04/25/2021

Such a great pattern. One of my new favorites.

kelly on 04/23/2021

This is one of the most beautiful toys I’ve made(and I’ve made a few) excellent pattern, easy to follow with lots of pictures. You are very talented! I’m currently working on the elephant stacker,definitely be back for more patterns x

Melissa on 04/21/2021

Lea on 04/21/2021

Tolle Anleitung und ein super Ergebniss.

Ashley on 04/20/2021

Super cute and creative patterns! Well put together and easy to follow - love them both!

Elizabeth on 04/18/2021

This was a wonderful and easy to follow pattern. This made a perfect 1yr gift for my niece! Thank you.

Natalie on 04/14/2021

This was a really fun project and I found the pattern easy to follow. There are lots of pictures and links YouTube tutorials for the trickier parts. I'm very happy with how it turned out.

Janice on 04/14/2021

Haven't made one yet, but a gift for a friend whom loves lighthouses

annebutler127 on 04/14/2021

Hi I've been crocheting for a while. Pleased with result. I did find the smallest ring with post stitch difficult to do. Wished video clip and words even if written instructions.

Alissa on 04/13/2021

I’m excited to get a started with this project!

Belen on 04/12/2021

Me encanta, muy bien explicado, gracias 😍

kari on 04/07/2021

Super cute project. I can't wait to start! Looked over the pattern a bit, and it seems well written. Lots of photos for help. Also the QR codes linking to help videos is so great! Nice touch!

Sabrina on 04/05/2021

Ashley on 03/24/2021

Leah on 03/21/2021

Alexandra on 03/16/2021

These are adorable. Great pattern!!

ML on 03/16/2021

Mooie kubus kan niet wachten om te starten

Monique on 03/15/2021

Fantastisch! duidelijk en ern hele fijne uitleg!

Georgia on 03/10/2021

Easy to follow instructions, final product was perfect

Rachael on 03/03/2021

Beautiful pattern! Very detailed and easy to understand. Such a creative and cute idea for a toy, turned out beautifully - thank you!

Julie on 02/19/2021

Emma on 02/17/2021

Fun to make, QR codes worked brilliantly to show the more technical stitches.

Amit on 02/15/2021

Great pattern! Very well explained.

Inactive Etsy Member on 02/10/2021

Angélica Lopes on 02/09/2021

Cindy on 02/09/2021

Immediate response. Adorable pattern. Easy to follow.

Diana on 02/07/2021

Charlotte on 02/07/2021

Very clear and thorough instructions. Can’t wait to see the end result

Josefine on 02/04/2021

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I was so impressed with this pattern! So detailed and easy to follow. Thank you and I look forward to purchasing more patterns in the future😊

saraheburkett on 02/03/2021

Loved this project and made a great baby gift! Easy to follow and had lots of pictures! Thank you!

MISTY on 01/31/2021

Julia on 01/28/2021

It wont let me download the pattern, keeps saying there is a error and the email wont send to the seller either! Please either send me the download or refund my money. Updated: seller imediately responded and forwarded me the pattern Thanks

Sheri on 01/23/2021

Great pattern. I made this for a baby gift and everyone loved it.

Heike on 01/20/2021

Charlotte on 01/20/2021

A cute an easy-to-follow pattern! I bought it for my mum (a beginner) who has really enjoyed making it!

Georgia on 01/16/2021

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Super Anleitung, gut erklärt, danke.

Corni on 01/12/2021

Just the cutest present ever and easy to crochet - a definite must buy for crochet lovers

Kathryn on 01/09/2021

Loved the pattern. Had so much positive feedback from it decided to alter the original pattern and make a unicorn version. Pretty excited about it!

Piper on 01/08/2021

Adorable pattern. I tried at least 10 times to follow the pattern for the ring worth the wings on it but no matter what I did my ridges came out in a spiral. Other than that it's a great pattern

Catherina on 01/07/2021

Linda on 12/29/2020

Mary on 12/24/2020

Jess on 12/21/2020

Dommage que ce ne soit pas expliquer en Français et des erreurs dans l'etablissements des mailles

MaryAnne on 12/20/2020

So very cute can't wait to make it for my friend

Annette on 12/20/2020

Ich hätte gerne noch zusätzlich die deutsche Übersetzung gehabt. Aber ich komme auch so damit gut zurecht.

Mary on 12/09/2020

moggz101 on 12/07/2020

Not been able to try yet, but the pattern is well written and easy to follow

Vanae on 12/05/2020

This is an adorable pattern. Very good descriptions. I love how mine turned out!

Jussara on 12/03/2020


Michelle on 12/01/2020

This pattern was so easy to follow, and had great videos to go along! It was the first crochet pattern I've ever bought and my nephew is going to love this toy 🙂

Annemieke on 11/29/2020

I love the pattern, it was easy to follow with stunning result, thank you!

Katrina on 11/27/2020

Everything is as described... I was concerned about a few designs that I had not done previously, but the instructions nicely covered it all. A beautiful finishes product.

Daniel on 11/19/2020

Jenna Kolodin on 11/18/2020

drycider on 11/17/2020

J’ai adoré le crocheter. Enfin un patron en français, ce qui est plaisant de ne pas devoir traduire. Vendeuse disponible et qui n’hésite pas à expliquer de façon plus clair si on ne comprend pas. Patron avec QR code pour nous diriger vers des vidéos explicatives. Franchement j’ai rien a dire et je recommande cet ouvrage

Claire on 11/09/2020

Very easy pattern to follow and like that it’s 3 patterns in one Thank you keep up the good work x

Bernadette on 11/07/2020

Trop mignon pour ma petite fille

Tracey on 11/03/2020

Super clear instructions with embedded support videos. The yarn guide is really helpful in planning how much yarn to buy. The sewing instructions are excellent and I feel like it's the most professional fin sh I e had on any if my crochet projects.

Dani on 11/01/2020

Super Anleitung! Das Ergebnis schaut exakt aus wie auf den Bildern und die verlinkten Videos warnender hilfreich 👍

jill on 10/31/2020

An extremely well written pattern including lots of photos . Very happy with my purchase.

Melody on 10/29/2020

Easy to follow. Nice product

mm8542 on 10/19/2020

Love it. Very easy to follow.

Deborah on 10/12/2020

really cute pattern. my granddaughter will love it

Inactive Etsy Member on 10/09/2020

Inactive Etsy Member on 10/09/2020

Carol on 10/06/2020

I love this pattern!!!!!So many helpful pictures and links. I can’t wait to start, just waiting on my yarn arriving 😁Thank you for creating the pattern 🙌

sassykat0901 on 09/29/2020

Maria on 09/28/2020

Vanicanela on 09/28/2020

Es un gran patrón, aún no empiezo a tejer el mío pero ya lo he leído y es muy claro, muy bien explicado y las fotografías ayudan mucho, lo cuál hace fácil de entender y realizar. He recibido el patrón sin ningún problema. Seguiré comprando patrones en esta tienda. Gracias.

Susie J on 09/26/2020

Instructions are easy to follow! This is the perfect baby gift! Sooo adorable and fun!

Susie J on 09/26/2020

This is an adorable crochet stacking ring toy! Instructions are easy to follow.

Jenn on 09/25/2020

This has been my favorite pattern so far! There were so many pictures every step of the way and the final product looked amazing. I will definitely purchase another pattern in the future 🙂

henny on 09/20/2020

henny on 09/20/2020

lisanovember123 on 09/15/2020

Amy on 09/12/2020

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great service.... awesome pattern cant wait to make it

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